Ellen & Dave

"We would certainly buy from Millgate again, not that we will need to! It has been a trouble free two years."

From the start I spoke directly with Rob. He was very good to deal with. It felt very personal with open communication.

We had a British Gas engineer visit and he remarked that the hot water installation was one of the best he had ever seen. There is a store room upstairs which has all the stop cocks labelled so we don't have to go crawling under things to turn the water off.

The house is very well designed, all the facilities, the plumbing, the electrics... All good quality.

I don't think they have cut any corners. The floors are all good quality. You hear of people having bad experiences with new house builds but we've had none of that.

Would we buy a new build again? It would depend on who built it. If it was Millgate we would!


Ann & Stuart

"The build quality, management style and support, together with highly skilled and competent team members are second to none."

Since the very beginning of our decision to purchase off plan at Cedar Close, we have received excellent service and support at all stages of the build process.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Millgate to other potential purchasers based upon their unique designs, management commitment, efficiency, integrity, quality and reliability during the build process, together with their customer care and client communications interface, which has kept us updated and informed at every important stage.


Jana & Mike

"Millgate are very nice people, who built us a fine house with no compromise."

This is our last house and so we wanted it to be perfect. We are very enthusiastic about the whole process. Millgate were very open to different ideas, taking the time to explain why things couldn't be done in some instances, and then going out of their way to make it happen in others.

I mentioned that we had a very large car and on the plan it was not going to fit into the garage so James took this on board and managed to make the very large car fit into the garage by moving things around.

We have no negatives, it's super, no buts.



"This is an investment property and I feel backed up by Millgate. No problems, no maintenance. All high spec, and sensibly thought out."

The Millgate service is very reassuring and they have ensured that I have everything I need to support my tenants.

They gave me a huge file with the manuals for all the appliances. Warranties for the fridge, the dishwashers etc., building regs, building suppliers, fire alarms, lighting, you name it, all the info is there.

The quality of the work and the support is such that I would do it again!


Roger & Jill

"Although it may have been business for Rob, he managed to make the experience of buying our first Millgate property very informal and friendly."

Despite moving many times this has been the first time we have bought a new build. Having bought off plan, Jill and I have had the opportunity to influence the kitchen and bathrooms which is great allowing us to add our personal touch to an otherwise very well planned development.

Rob, Adrian and James have been 2 steps ahead with any of our queries and we have built a relationship with the team which I have no doubt will continue after moving in.